West Coast Rap Artist SUPe Drops Debut CD Print
Written by Gza Genius ID1658   
Tuesday, 12 July 2005 05:06

Today, with so many hip-hop and rap artist trying there hand at the music industry, it's hard to find a so called "Diamond in the ruff." Well right here, SUPe is as close as u can come. A hard working, focused, street wise lyricist. You will see when you listen to his music, that every track is well put together, and has that classic West coast sound.


SUPe was born in Los Angeles, CA and has lived the lifestyles he has portrayed in his music. He is a hard working lyricist that takes his craft seriously. Unlike many new comers in the hip-hop and rap game, he truly understands the time and work involved in making a hit album.

If I had to compare him to someone "out", I would say he has the Hip Hop quality of a Dre, or a 50 cent, and the story telling skills of an Eminem. Put those together, with a true west coast cat, and u will have SUPe. Take a look at his album for yourself; it's available at the links below. 


SUPe is a talented lyricist with catchy punch lines that will entertain just about any one who listens. ‘Lyrics and Amo’ is SUPe's debut album on Lab Nine Records, and I''m sure you will hear a lot from him in the future

 He is the real deal, the beats are bangin, and SUPe takes you on a lyrical ride throughout the whole album. SUPe has the skills to be one of the best in the West, so watch as he rises to the top.

Here is the cover art and track list for ‘Lyrics and Amo’.

1. Intro

2. Who Said

3. Parental Descretion

4. Rock The Spot

5. Columbine Thoughts

6. Temptation

7. Make it Rain

8. Snatch and Flip

9. Two Toe Strut

10. Feel My Life

11. SUPe

12. Hop in Baby

13. Special

14. Put Your Back Into It

15. Lyrics and Amo

Here's where u can purchase his debut album, "Lyrics and Amo"



 Contact SUPe at http://www.labnineentertainment.com/