Hip Hop MCs 'Spin The Mic' Double DVD Print
Written by Keith ID3352   
Wednesday, 21 February 2007 23:27

For decades, hip hop MCs have been searching for an event that could change the game. In 2006 a new format was born that would challenge more than the lyrical dexterity, wit and sharpness of a hip hop MC. That format was SPIN THE MIC.

Lose... and you''re out!! Win… and choose who's next! In this unique, unparalleled format each MCs fate is decided by their perception, strategy and fortune as they spin a mic to select their next opponent.

The $2000 New York Finals was a war of words that turned physical and forced the final four rappers to finish on the streets. Eventual Spin The Mic 2006 Champion ILLMACULATE of Portland, Oregon USA said “I like the spontaneity of the spinning of the mic… it’s the unsureness of what’s gonna happen”

This exclusive Double DVD follows the story of the first ever Spin The Mic competition as the best hip hop battle rappers from around the world do combat in a plush New York arena. With 4 hours of footage disc 1 contains 2 highlight shows while all 25 battles are in full on disc 2.

The Mic 2007 expected to once again attract the biggest names in rap, Hip Hops answer to Wrestling’s Royal Rumble looks destined to become an annual highlight in Hip Hop calendars everywhere.

Spin The Mic is a Jump Off TV format. Jump Off TV is a Hip Hop Media, Sports & Entertainment destination, featuring original video programming, a social network and the latest news & gossip.

The DVD is available online at JumpOff.TV now and at all really good outlets in UK (February 12th) and USA (March 5th)

The intense 1min Trailer: www.jumpoff.tv/spinthemicdvd.mov