MuBizcom 2005 Summer Giveaway Print
Written by Staff ID1214   
Tuesday, 19 April 2005 06:29, a radio promotion and media publicity firm that provides its services to musicians, is sponsoring the 2005 Summer Giveaway.

The June prize giveaway will distribute music business products and services worth thousands of dollars to career musicians who are subscribers to the company's newsletter (The B# Newsletter).

Over $25,000 in prizes has already been committed to the giveaway, with more expected to be added during the life of the contest.

"With so much mis-information now available to musicians that often steers them in the wrong direction regarding their music careers, through this giveaway, we are simply showing our appreciation to those musicians that are loyal and consistent subscribers who depend on our newsletter's content. And, we encourage every career musician to sign up for the newsletter in order to receive beneficial information regarding their careers as well as qualify and have an opportunity to win one of these fabulous prizes," says Kenny Love, president of, and who is also publisher of the newsletter.

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