Hip-Hop Artist WizeFool - Rare Rap MC Qualities Print
Written by Robert ID2349   
Friday, 17 February 2006 01:47

Educated, street smart and growing up and surviving in some of the roughest areas of New York, from the Bronx and Harlem, to Flushing Queens, rural upstate N.Y. to Yonkers New York; hip-hop rap artist WizeFool, along with his street credibility and talent, also has possesses a rare quality among hip-hop rap MC’s – he has character.

WizeFool, being a rapper who can spit a rhyme on the spot and turn his writing ability into a second nature of sincere feelings and perspectives, is surely intended for success in hip-hop.

To have lyrical talent and writing ability, and then to mix that with the character of the man WizeFool - you end up with a ‘total package’ of what hip-hop is suppose to be.

Few rap artists today have true character. Sure some of the older rappers and hip-hop greats have enduring stature in the hip-hop community, not just for their rhymes but for the person they are and the character they have.

If you look at Chuck D, KRS-1, Ice Cube, DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and the likes of those legends, you can remember some of their tracks; but what has staying power is the quality of the man spitting those lyrics and their conviction to hip-hop culture.

Out of hip-hop culture icons and legends are born. Once in awhile a MC has that charisma and thought process that we all can relate to and when they speak we listen. These are the men, and there are some female hip-hop and rap artists too (one would have to be YoYo), that have something to say, some knowledge to share and teach.

If KRS-1 or Cube would rap about french fries, we would listen because it is KRS-1 or Cube and we know the character of the man behind the spit. Now that is taking it a little far but the point is there are those in the hip-hop culture who are above the ‘gangsta’ and ‘hood’ mentality and really bring something to the table; and a few of us recognize that. These are the lasting figures in hip-hop. They will be the ones ‘left’ to get the lifetime achievement awards.

And it is not a ‘coastal’ thing. Tupac (2Pac) claimed west coast (although he was from the east) and Notorious B.I.G. was east coast, but we all listened and we saw a charisma and character in both of these men.

WizeFool has that missing piece that we do not see very often today among hip-hop and rap artists; he has character along with his talents.

Being as WizeFool is an unsigned artist many might overlook him or say well if he isn’t signed then he must be lacking something. To that we could answer ‘remember Kanye West’. No one wanted to sign Kanye as a rapper. He had a hard time getting an artist deal because he was seen as a producer not a rapper. How many industry people are kicking themselves now over that decision?

There have been a few artists who have taken ‘shots’ at WizeFool on wax and still WizeFool just stays on the grind. He is in the process of recording for his upcoming album and just doing what he does best; making music and staying focused.

In 2005 WizeFool released a controversial mix tape entitled "The Psychology of the Crucified" which had New York City streets buzzing and his upcoming album will surely have the same effect among New York’s hip-hop fans.

We will keep you up to date on his upcoming album and will make sure you know a drop date when we get one.

There are few artists who stand out in hip-hop today and WizeFool is an artist that you want to make sure you don’t overlook.

To see more on WizeFool and to hear some of his tracks visit http://www.jamwave.com/artist.aspx?AID=1328 .