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Tuesday, 30 January 2007 23:42

Persistency, consistency and a lot of swag is how readers and listeners could sum up the entertainer Tommy Danger. With the recently resuscitated Hip Hop community from being dead everyone is all eyes and ears to see what’s next. Who is going to bring something to the table to help continue to elevate hip hop that is already at a monumental state.

Tommy Danger over the past two years has stayed in his lane. Honed his crafts and has continually dropped mix tapes to show the world just that. Many followers will come out of this 1st quarter as very few have the courage to set the tone in hip hop.  Fear is something that does not exist in entertainment for Tommy Danger.

His recent release volume 9 Black Radberry adds on to what will truly be a collector’s edition to the other previously released Now & Laterman series vol. 2-8 mixtapes. In the Internet world of so many fly by night artist Tommy Danger has been grinding non-stop since high school where classmate Bruce Wayne of Midi Mafia first introduced him to a label executive. “I have heard, you’re not ready, you’re not good enough, to represent New York, even more common, that I should sing R&B. I don’t let people dictate who I should be. I love what I do and take it seriously.” says Tommy Danger.

The mixtape Black Radberry contains grade A production from the Myspace networking community. Producers such as Algier, Challz The Negotiator, Insane, 45 Crummie Beats, Jinx Beats, Milk crates, Casual from Australia and Crack City production D.J Nice. “Life has been good to me and it has its challenges. Last year I lost both grandfathers and two uncles in two months. Relationships are always challenging, but in all, this particular mixtape was created with all that. So I feel it’s one of my best.” says the Harlem born Tommy Danger.

2007 looks to be the transitional phase from the underground to majors, but from the looks of major labels, maybe the underground are the higher echelon. The new video to be released from Tommy Danger the Now & Laterman Vol. 9 Black Radberry is Rush produced by Casuel from Australia. The next release will be Tommy Danger’s best of tracks surrounding relationships called “Sex, Lies, and Candy” later this year.

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