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Written by Robert ID1772   
Monday, 08 August 2005 12:50

Harlem Hip-Hop and Rap MC Tommy Danger ‘The Now & Laterman’ is set to release-‘The Greatest of the Great’ hosted by DJ Left on 9/06/05.

Harlem and the Bronx is what we call the birth of hip hop and now it meets the birth of worldwide style. With a hot new video directed by Zaire and the overwhelming success on the public access show Danger Vision, it is clear that Tommy Danger is the one to watch out for.

With 12,000 CD's and counting, and 10 million hip-hop emcees coming out of New York State with platinum dreams, one may wonder what makes one MC stand out from the rest.

This question was answered in an interview with Grace Brown, manager and VP of Tommy Danger Music Group Inc.

GB: What makes this CD different from the last 6 volumes of the Now and Laterman series?

TD: "A lot of people have heard and seen me on various web sites and see my street grind, but still don''t recognize me as a Hip Hop Artist. I basically went to DJ Left who I respect very much although we differ in opinions a lot to compile some of the freestyles that I have done to date with and some unreleased tracks. On this CD I want listeners to hear the style that makes me unique. I have been called old school, abstract, and commercial. Usually I zone out for a few months and do a project with no boundaries. This time DJ Left set the pace”.

GB: So what are you bringing to the game?

TD: “A Journey. I want listeners to challenge themselves to hear Hip Hop that's not single dimensional. A have been turned down from a lot of labels because they say my music has no focus. I do it from my heart and express what's going with and around me. Each CD has been an evolution. One has not been like the other. They show growth whether it is lyrically, technically, or artwork. I always give my fans something to watch and listen to. I was always told that if there is something in life that you want but don''t see it,  create it. I strongly believe that I have done that for hip hop. Life is life, we all experience it. But how we express it is different. That’s what I do express from Tommy's view”.

GB: Ultimately with that approach you may limit your opportunities.

TD: “That's the greatest part about being independent. I am the consumer first. I have to test it, break it, and re-create it. If I don''t have passion in it then I don''t want to be apart of it no matter how much money. Unless of course it’s a couple of Million to ease the pain”.

GB: So what's next?

TD: “The game constantly changes. Everything is visual now. So I shot the video "Gang Bang" Directed by Zaire "The Visualizer Extraordinaire" We constantly look to push the envelope. The video has the feel of a young hungry Hype Williams. The track produced by DJ Left has a drum on the MPC ready to peak red. Automatic banger for the ride, Ipod, club and TV”.

GB: So what else is next?

TD: “Some people may be surprised but the Now & Laterman will be put to rest. The series will be completed with the Mystery Flavor. Collect all the volumes while you can. Tommy Danger is the focus now. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me from the first 120 CD's pressed in my crib. Big things are about to happen so stay tuned”.

The CD and DVD will be available to purchase on 9/6/05 on www.Cdbaby.com/all/tommydanger

To join the mailing list go to www.tommydanger.net

Track list for Greatest of The Great (Hosted by DJ Left)

01.      Kick 16

02.      2 Gun Tommy

03.      On The Floor

04.      We Gone Drink

05.      The Now & Later Man

06.      Pop Tags

07.      DJ Left Exclusive PT.1

08.      DJ Left Exclusive PT.2

09.      DJ Left Exclusive PT.3

10.      DJ Left Exclusive PT.4

11.      DJ Left Exclusive PT.5

12.      DJ Left Exclusive PT.6

13.      Where The People At?

14.      Ease Up

15.      What They Want

16.      Who is Tommy Danger

17.      Yes

18.      On Blast

19.      Gang Bang

20.      Amere-Freestyle

21.      Cherry Mix

22.      Killen 16’s Feat/ Liaison

23.      We the Shhh Feat/ Easy

24.      Good Times Feat/ Charlie Brown

25.      DJ Left - Outro