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Thursday, 22 June 2006 04:44

A year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, thousands of displaced people are still in dire need of assistance with housing and basic human needs. Louisiana-based record label Dragon's Breath Records has brought together some of the South's hottest underground hip-hop artists to create The Restless Natives.

Slated for nationwide release on June 27, the album showcases a phenomenal array of hip-hop talent from New Orleans. Some of the hip-hop artists featured on the project include Truth Universal, Raj Smoove, DJ Maxmillion, Dick Darby, DJ J Infinite, Dizzy, Impulss, Euphonetiks, Don Libido the 9th Ward Avenger, DJ Blaknificent -- many of whom lost everything they owned in the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Their unification is a strong testament of the passion that still thrives in New Orleans Hip Hop.

"The eye isn''t really on New Orleans like it used to be, and hopefully this will bring more local artists together to work with each other," says popular club and mixtape DJ Maxmillion. "Whoever listens to this can get something out of at least one of the songs that they can relate to. The CD isn''t wholly based on the events that happened, but it does give these artists the chance to express themselves in their own way."

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The Restless Natives Tracklist

1. Introducing – DJ Maxmillion ft. Nesby Phipps, Truth Universal, and Jules

2. Promise – DJ Raj Smoove and Dizzy

3. King’s Hwy – Euphonetiks (Zach, Lyrikill, and Onclaut)

4. If Memory Serves – Don Libido the 9th Ward Avenger

5. Never Get Enough – Impulss ft. Saddi Khali

6. Say Ya – Dick Darby ft. AJ

7. Rain or Shine – Euphonetiks (Lyrikill and Onclaut)

8. Heat – Truth Universal

9. Alday – Dick darby ft. Bi®d of Raw Poetix and MC Roah

10. Never Give In – Euphonetiks (Merc and Lyrikill)

11. The Dream – Dick Darby

12. So Many Days – DJ Raj Smoove, Dizzy, and Trell

13. So They Say – Don Libido the 9th Ward Avenger

14. Mayhem in Metropolis – J Infinite