DJ Cutler Drops Hip Hop Worth Listening To Print
Written by Keith ID3381   
Thursday, 01 March 2007 10:46

Many of us in the hip hop community are tired of the same old in the club, drinking bub lyrics and stale beats. DJ Cutler has a released a project that all of hip hop can enjoy.

I usually do not like mix tapes because they have lost their edge, at least to me, and they lack creativity. It seems everyone thinks they can do a hip hop mix tape, but it takes real instinct and ‘feeling’ what you are doing to deliver good quality, stand out hip hop tracks on a mix tape.

DJ Cutler has shown his ‘feel’ for his art and for hip hop on Scion CD Sampler v.16. If you like the ‘scratch’ and music that you can ‘feel’, this is one project that you need to check out.

DJ Cutler, winner of Scion's Free Up Your Mix contest, has put together a mix that showcases his scratching and juggling skills over a selection of underground hip-hop and breaks and features many local acts from his Buffalo, NY hometown. This crate digging connoisseur is also a member of the band Pseudo Slang.

Scion's mixtape series was recently recognized by the industry-leading; Mixtape Awards - founded by the late pioneer Justo Faison, with a nomination in the Best Promotional Mixtape category.

About Scion Audio/Visual Scion Audio/Visual (SA/V) was founded to give true artists a voice in a noisy world. Scion has consistently championed independent thinking and alternative culture. With its Audio/Visual in-house record label, Scion continues to promote that culture with a series of CD mix tapes and 12" vinyl releases, both given out for free, which focus on getting exposure for these talented musicians and DJs. With global vision and diversity through expression, SA/V champions individuality with no genre boundaries.

The mix CDs span the gamut of hip-hop, funk, soul, reggae, world, and electronic music. Previous installments have featured mixes from Cosmo Baker and DJ Ayres, Wax Poetics'' DJ Monk One, Mr. Scruff & Nicolay, The Oakland Faders, Peanut Butter Wolf & Jazzy Jeff, and others.

To hear a few samples from DJ Cutler Scion CD Sampler v.16 click HERE.

For more information about Scion A/V and info on how to get DJ Cutler and Scion CD Sampler v.16 please visit the following sites: