CT Rap Artist Aristadoe Print
Written by Robert ID1562   
Monday, 20 June 2005 23:51

Rap artist Aristadoe brings to the table a buffet of lyrical concepts with creativity and catchy hooks. Exploring so many topics on his CD, (uninvited) one begins to wonder what all these other rappers are talking about.

With songs like el nino produce by Frado, and Solo Queda produce by Jae one. Aristadoe has a way of embracing his Latin background, and still able to keep your heads bopping.

Aristadoe’s music comes str8 out of left field but deeper than just bragging, wit a gift of wittiness.

Aristadoe can spit and rip any topic. His voice is an audio drug, with the ability to transform his voice, to sound like most of your favorite hip-hop and rap artists for fun.

Raised in Washington Heights uptown Manhattan, Aristadoe became a graph writer way before he discovered his skills as a MC. He grew up absorbing and observing, legends like Rakim, Krs-One and G .rap.

Aristadoe now stands in the heart of Hartford, CT. His music can be heard on college radio stations, like the beats of the head show, wit DJ sabotage on 89.3 WRTC FM, & 88.1 WESU Middletown, CT.

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