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Monday, 10 July 2006 00:59

With influences like Tupac (2Pac), Eazy-E, and producer Johnny "J", Big Rich Tha Don is one Latino hip hop rap artist whom has captivated the nation with his poetically structured street influenced lyrics, is destined to be the next Latino hip hop rap super star.

Latino Hip Hop, rap artist Big Rich Tha Don carefully places his experiences of life on wax with such style and grace, so stylish that this Latino hip hop artist has acquired 81,000 downloads from 50 popular hip hop and rap download centers, making Big Rich Tha Don one of the fastest rising independent Latino hip hop rap artists.

Big Rich Tha Don grew up on the streets of New Mexico and gained a great deal of knowledge from older ex-convicts who saw a shine in the eyes of Big Rich Tha Don, as these mentors encouraged him to go to school and become something better than them, little did they know that Big Rich Tha Don was already being schooled on how to survive as a person with honor, dignity, integrity, and respect. As time went on and Big Rich Tha Don had become more familiar with the law he once again found himself being told to go to school by the same mentors, this time they were disappointed because now Big Rich Tha Don was incarcerated in the New Mexico State Penitentiary. After spending a time of about 7 years in the suppressive community and correctional facilities, Big Rich Tha Don left the penitentiary with his High School diploma to embark on a journey that would take him to the next level of his musical and college endeavor.

On October 1, 2005 Big Rich Tha Don was invited to perform at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque New Mexico, he was also told by the events coordinator Abe Torres that he would be performing live for a special performance on MTV Espanol and that the DVD would be distributed nationally by Omni Entertainment. Since then Big Rich Tha Don has gained the attention of A&R representatives and has become known to several major labels. As Big Rich Tha Don is still unsigned he is still one of the fastest rising independent Latino hip hop rap artist to hit the streets.

You can find Big Rich Tha Don on just about any search engine and his well loved music is on many digital download sites.

Big Rich Tha Don is and will become one of the top Latino, Chicano hip hop rap artists to grace us with his music. The new revolution in the Chicano, Latino Hip Hop movement.

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