Chipsterlife Sounds The Alarm: Santa Barbara News Press Controversial Use of “Illegal” Print
Written by Dee Dee Blase for   
Sunday, 04 January 2015 16:52

Dee Dee Blase 01/04/2015

Chipsterlife was the first to sound the alarm with regard to Santa Barbara News Press’ usage of the term “illegal” when referring to immigrants.  It’s too bad they won’t drop an antiquated offensive word and follow the Associated Press’ suit.  Chipster will begin a petition that is being worked on by Chicano / Latino lawyers of California.

This story is developing and we intend to keep our readers up to date.

"Santa Barbara needs to get with the times and stop using the "I" word or as soon as the Latino community are the majority and leaders of the country we Chicano/as will have to refer to them as Pirates. What's great about my Raza is that we aren't as petty as that. When we take control of the reins we will be concentrating on how to heal the country and the rest of the world after so many years of waste and corporate rape to the Earth while in the hands of the white establishment and Ideology.

The heading to this article says more about how Santa Barbra press feels about the undocumented more so than the issue at hand. Will they soon become the same as the people that voted for 187, where there's no one that admits to it now?" Says Frank Miranda from

The Santa Barbara News-Press is the oldest daily newspaper in Southern California, publishing since 1855.