Was Tupac Shakur really a woman hater? Print
Written by Frenkie M. Miranda   
Sunday, 15 April 2012 17:12

In this current national climate of discounting woman’s worth and respect we ask, was Tupac Shakur really a woman hater as some still contend?


In my view it seems that most people didn't know enough about Tupac to know what his contributions were to artistic culture and society. When I mention to some how our company Thug Life Army was born out of the love for Tupac I still get that he disrespected women. Just like Steven Spielberg making “Schindler's List” didn't make him anti-Semitic. Tupac writing a few verses that mentioned bitches and hoes didn't make him a woman hater when you consider all his work.


In fact, there was more to Tupac than folks give him credit for. When folks hear the whole body of his work you will agree that he had a great respect for his mother Afeni Shakur and women as a whole. Do yourself a favor and youtube Tupac's music and I'm sure you'll agree that his contributions were to bring people together for a common goal. This is evident in his song “Changes” which the Pope added to the Vatican's play list. And the development of “Thug Life Code” which he and Mutulu Shakur scripted in 1992. This code was instrumental in bring together the rival gangs, the Crips and Bloods by spelling out crimes no longer excepted in the urban neighborhoods.


I gauge people on what contributions they leave behind when they leave this world. I feel that if I die penniless but with my family compassionate for others and in tact, I died a rich man. Aside from the monetary value Tupac left behind to Mother Afeni, when she dies she will join her son a rich women. We are all a work in progress, let's hope we leave this world better than when we entered it.


Musically yours,

Frenkie M. Miranda :-{>



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