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Written by Davey D ID3133   
Tuesday, 28 November 2006 03:55

Why Some Rappers Need to Be Lynched By Davey D

In recent weeks Hip Hop has been buzzing because of a controversial video and song put out by New York based rapper NY Oil that calls for rappers espousing negative lyrics and images to be lynched.

He says that he finally grew tired of sitting back and hoping that some of today’s rap stars would get the hint and change their ways. When it didn’t happen he decided to jump into the rap game and start laying down lyrical assaults which he says he is quite willing to back up with action. In addition to his head turning, ‘Y’all Should Be Lynched ’ song, he also has an equally compelling remake of Gibbs hit song ‘Chain Hang Low’, which talks about the amount of bling one has. It’s a disturbing song that originally derives from an old slave narrative.

His disturbing video was the first step to put who he describes as coon ass rappers, on notice. The images apparently unnerved the good folks at Google who pulled it off You Tube citing ‘copyright violation’ because he used still images found in the search engine.

NY Oil says it’s BS and pointed out not only the large amounts of videos and images with similar violations, but also the large amounts of videos that show what appears to be underage girls scantily clad shaking their asses and the number of gang inspired videos including the recent one with Ras Kass brandishing a weapon and threatening Game.

In this interview NY Oil explains the genesis behind his song. He noted that he had to be harsh and blunt, because that’s the current language people on the streets seem to respond to. “I didn’t want to be no mistake about what I was saying and why”, he explained. I was growing frustrated and wanted change”.

NY Oil explained that he recently was asked to be in a movie and when he arrived he noted that the script wanted him to play a good guy from the hood that kowtowed in the face of danger and basically ran away and acted soft.

“I was tired of people always depicting the good, righteous guy as being soft”, he said. Raising his heavily muscled arm he continued “There’s nothing soft about me B.”

He went on to add that it was time for men to stand up and be counted and set the community on a correct path. He said it was important to put coon ass rappers which included everyone from Lil Jon to Jim Jones on notice that a new day was coming.

NY Oil also cleared up the rumor about him not showing his face. He pointed out that here he was by himself in the middle of Harlem with no car, no bodyguards and freely talking to people at the Zulu nation anniversary who were coming up to him and giving him dap. During our interview a large crowd gathered around and people took pictures and talked to NY Oil long after I was done.

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