Hip Hop Video Show Enters it's Third Year on Air Print
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Thursday, 15 June 2006 13:13

Hip Hop isn’t dead, just ask Tommy Danger the Now & Later man host of the Manhattan Public Access cable Show Danger Vision. Danger Vision niche market is Hip Hop Music Videos and commentary discussing everyday issues in life. Be cautious the language may be offensive to those who don’t like profanity. Danger Vision is also known for interviewing unsigned Hip Hop Artists, DJ’s, Producers, Journalists, Entertainment Promoters, Models, Actors and Actresses. “We like to focus on Artists on the come up who don’t necessarily have much Television exposure and break them into the New York Market. We have a simple selection criteria which is how hard that Artist is Grinding. The streets talk and let us know who is putting in work and who is not” says producer Grace Brown.

Danger Vision also has an extensive online viewer base (www.mnn.org channel 57 Thursday’s at 6pm on channel 57) as well in expanding the globe allowing viewers from all over the world to submit videos for air play and still be seen in there home towns. “We look for videos that are extremely edgy and raw. We are a basement type of video show. We are trying to be like BET, MTV, or MUN2” say’s Grace Brown.

The show is up against a tough line up on Manhattan Neighborhood. Shows like What’z Going on, Freak it Wit Da Fellaz, New Flavor Videos, and Spot TV have dominated the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in spans of 10 years plus. They have all embraced the concept of Danger Vision and given the shows blessing to be a Leader on Public Access TV, as well as give more life to the Hip Hop culture that has been considered to be dead. 

Danger Vision was created with the intent of being a reality show based on Tommy Danger – The Now & Laterman. Instead it totally birthed itself into something that was created by the viewers. “Viewer’s would call in and say that we need to keep them Hood Videos and stop talking so much. I just keep doing my thing being my extreme self on TV to the point where it is anticipated weekly” says Tommy Danger host of Danger Vision. “It’s a great feeling to know that between all of the profanity and blunt conversations that we are apart of peoples lives and motivate them to pursue their dreams”. 

Danger Vision “It’s Hip Hop and Everyday life”

Danger Vision airs weekly on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel 57 Thursday at 6pm.

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