Rap Mogul Suge Knight Speaks on Bankruptcy Print
Written by Robert ID2489   
Wednesday, 05 April 2006 06:06

It is a new day for Death Row Records. Hip-hop icon and rap mogul Marion Suge Knight and Death Row Records have filed for protection under the federal bankruptcy laws.

According to his new counsel, Larry Nagelberg and Laurence Strick, both Suge Knight and Death Row Records chose to seek bankruptcy protection because of the efforts of people like Lydia and Michael Harris who were seeking to collect a $107 million dollar default judgment against Suge Knight and Death Row based on their false claim that they helped found Death Row Records, and despite the fact that settlements were reached between Knight and the Harris’ as recent as May of 2005.


A last ditch attempt by the Harris’ to hold rap mogul Suge Knight in contempt based on his failure to appear at a judgment debtor examination failed when Los Angeles Superior Court judge, Ronald Sohigian ruled Tuesday that Mr. Knight was innocent of contempt. 

Suge Knight’s attorneys are bringing a motion against the Harris’ and their attorneys for their blatant violation of federal bankruptcy law.

When asked about the bankruptcy, Suge Knight responded, “for the last few years there’s been a stigma attached to Death Row. People like the Harris’ have been coming out of the woodwork and it’s been like a dark cloud hanging over me. I’ve decided that I’m serving Death Row its last meal.  I’m setting a new table.”

Glad to see Suge Knight speaking up and standing up to these claims.

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