Legendary Hip-Hop Rap Beat Maker Johnny J Print
Written by Keith ID2045   
Wednesday, 26 October 2005 16:10

Legendary hip-hop, rap, and R&B music producer Johnny “J”, has started developing new talent thru his Klock Work Entertainment. He soon will be releasing some of his new artists projects. ThugLifeArmy.com sat down for an ‘exclusive’ interview with this legendary hip-hop, rap, and R&B producer.

Most fans of west coast rap icon Tupac Shakur know the name Johnny “J”. Johnny “J” is responsible for much of the music laid down beneath the lyrics of rap artist Tupac (2Pac).

In the ‘90’s the duo of 2Pac and Johnny ”J” were untouchable. Although Tupac had worked with many producers, the tracks that the legendary duo of Tupac and Johnny “J” laid down are considered rap and hip-hop ‘classic’ tracks and will live forever as hits.

The love that Johnny “J” has for his friend and fellow musician Tupac, is evident in everything that Johnny “J” does. Even today as one speaks to Johnny “J” the name of Tupac Shakur still holds that special place in Johnny “J” ‘s heart. You can feel the love that is there and just imagine the vibe that these two icons shared when they were alone in the studio.

Making beats and producing for Tupac may be what a lot of people recognize Johnny “J” for but his mark in the music industry runs deeper than his friendship and work with Tupac.

Born in Juarez Mexico in 1969 and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Johnny “J” had a platinum album under his belt when he was just a year out of high school. 18 years in the music game and he has sold over 60 million records and has worked with so many artists that to list them all would take pages.

The 34 year old producer has many platinum records and is still a strong presence in the music industry working daily on the craft that he loves and appreciates so well.

His recent work with recently retired rap artist Napoleon, of Tupac’s Outlawz, is covered in this interview along with some news on the upcoming Tupac album; which is to be out in 2006. He also fills us in on his role on the upcoming album from Lil Eazy E; the oldest son of another rap legend Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright the godfather of gangsta rap.

Also Johnny “J”’s Klock Work Entertainment is about to debut some new unbelievable talent and this legendary producer is staying busy treating the world with his unique gift of delivering music that the world appreciates.

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