Hip-Hop Beats with HipHop 6 Print
Written by Robert ID2137   
Tuesday, 22 November 2005 10:50

If you want to try your hand at making your own hip-hop beats there is a new tool for aspiring hip-hop and rap artist, and up and coming producers that makes hip-hop beat making easier than ever before.

Hip Hop eJay 6, is a drag-and-drop music creation studio that makes it possible to lay down star-quality tracks on your PC even if you don’t know an echo from a reverb.

This latest installment of the eJay series delivers 5,000 brand new royalty-free professional sound clips, an integrated CD burner for burning your masterpieces directly onto CD, and more.  Just grab your mouse and choose your weapons: clips, drum loops, scratch, whatever style of hip-hop beat your feeling.

In addition to the huge library of all-new clips, loops and beats from hip-hop and rap to scratch, Hip Hop 6 provides five virtual instruments with more music-making power than ever, an assortment of effects, and the ability to record your own rhymes and add additional sounds, effects and instruments from any source. Assemble it all on a completely redesigned interface that lets you build, arrange and edit your hip-hop beats or tunes quickly and easily. 

Hip Hop 6 also includes:

        A new DJ deck that can quickly create scratches from supplied or custom sounds

        A new multi-track drum machine that lets you create your own beats and loops

        A new bass synthesizer for producing kick-butt bass melodies

        A new polyphonic synthesizer for allowing cord pattern creation

        More audio effects, including echo, chorus, reverb, compressor, distortion, etc.

        A new sample loop player that lets you import sounds directly from CD or any device connected to a soundcard without closing the program

        Non-destructive audio editing that keeps your files safe from changes

        Volume and pan curves for each track

        Unlimited import and export of WAV files

        An equalizer for fine-tuning your sound

HipHop eJay 6 is available at Circuit City, GameStop and other retailers as well as www.digitalleisure.com  for a relatively low street friendly cost.

HipHop eJay 6 was developed by Checkmate Solutions for Empire Interactive, a UK-based publisher of interactive entertainment software, and is distributed in North America by Digital Leisure, a publisher and distributor of interactive DVD and CD games.  For more information, visit www.ejay.com .