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Written by Robert ID2582   
Tuesday, 02 May 2006 05:35

Visit hip-hop Deejay Ra's new LyricalKnockout.com web site and be the first to hear ''Hip-Hop Literacy'' PSAs by "The Hurricane" actor Vicellous Shannon and "Roots" actor Dorian Harewood, recorded to commemorate the upcoming birthdays of boxer activist Rubin ''Hurricane'' Carter and "Roots" author Alex Haley, and to encourage reading of their books.

Just click the ''Hit Me'' shout-out button on the top right of the news page after entering Deejay Ra's web site.

Also preview upcoming ''Hip-Hop Literacy'' PSAs from:

-"Harlem Nights" actress Jasmine Guy, encouraging reading of Tupac's books -"New Jack City" actor Bill Cobbs, encouraging reading of Ice-T's autobiography -"Barbershop" actor Keith David, encouraging reading about Lisa ''Left Eye'' Lopes -"Never Die Alone" actress Drew Sidora, encouraging reading of DMX's autobiography

And listen to past ''Hip-Hop Literacy'' PSAs from:

-"Clockers" actor Sticky Fingaz, encouraging reading about Jam Master Jay -"Ali" actor Giancarlo Esposito, encouraging reading of Muhammad Ali's autobiography -"Mississippi Masala" actress Sarita Choudhury, encouraging reading about Bob Marley -"Above The Rim" actor Leon, encouraging reading of Tupac's (2Pac) books

Don''t forget to check out the LyricalKnockout.com ''Radio'' section to hear Panjabi MC's first and most extensive North American interview, and Deejay Ra can be seen on a popular Canadian talk show in the LyricalKnockout.com ''TV'' section, discussing his Canadian DVD release of Spike Lee's "Huey P. Newton" film.

And be sure to read Deejay Ra's award-winning "Mahatma Gandhi" Comment for Canada's Globe & Mail national newspaper in the www.LyricalKnockout.com  ''Writing'' section, along with Deejay Ra's exclusive interview of Canadian hip-hop founder Maestro Fresh-Wes (who played Tony Bogard opposite Jamie Foxx in the "Redemption" Tookie film).

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