Hip Hop Pioneer Jerry Heller Releases Ruthless A Memoir Print
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Sunday, 27 August 2006 00:02

Hip Hop Pioneer Jerry Heller Releases Ruthless: A Memoir

Love him or hate him, Jerry Heller has a prominent respectable place in hip hop history and his book Ruthless: A Memoir addresses the music, the rumors, the stories and the truth of the most RUTHLESS era hip hop has ever seen.

The book Ruthless: A Memoir is the

story of how a man and a group changed the world of hip hop forever.

Jerry Heller music mogul, hip hop pioneer and book author is releasing Ruthless: A Memoir thru Simon & Schuster/Simon Spotlight Entertainment 8/29/06.

For the younger people, if the name Jerry Heller does not mean much to you, you need to do some research. Many of the great ‘classics'' of hip hop, rap and gangsta rap have the name Jerry Heller associated with them. Behind the then brilliant production of Dr. Dre, the legendary group NWA, which included Eazy E, Dre, Cube, Yella, Arabian Prince (Kim Nazel, who later dropped out) and MC Ren (Lorenzo Patterson) took the hip hop world by storm with gangsta rap and changed the ‘landscape'' of hip hop forever. Under the direction of Jerry Heller and Eazy E, Ruthless Records had six platinum releases within three years: Supersonic (J.J. Fad), Eazy-Duz-It (Eazy-E), Straight Outta Compton (N.W.A.), Nobody Does It Better (The D.O.C.), Michel''le (Michelle Toussaint) and Efil4zaggin (N.W.A.).

Jerry Heller has seen his share of controversy but the fact that the man is brilliant can not be questioned.

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"RUTHLESS" is available online now

Go to http://www.amazon.com  or http://www.simonsays.com  to pre order "RUTHLESS" by Jerry Heller

Also don''t miss a moment in hip-hop history when Jerry Heller gives an exclusive interview with legendary Julio G on KDAY 93.5 FM Sunday August 27th from 6-8 pm. I heard the piece will feature all of the old Ruthless songs and will take you back to a moment in time when hip-hop was a movement just beginning....with the man who helped start it all.

PLUS Meet JERRY HELLER "RUTHLESS" In-store book signing 7 pm Friday SEPTEMBER 8TH

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