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Friday, 13 May 2005 05:04

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Date : Friday - May 13, 2005 Official PR Release -- (ArriveNet - May 13, 2005) -- A new web site dedicated to independent rap, hip-hop and spoken word artists is now up and running. The site focuses on independent artists and news related to the independent artists and also offers ''help'' for those artist who are seeking exposure.

The site says “There are many good artists out today and many do not get the recognition they deserve or you never hear of them because they are not signed to a major.”

It seems that the major record labels are not really looking for artists out side of the ‘mainstream’. The site adds “More and more we are being sold the same artists with the same beats and we all know there is more of a ‘pool’ of artists than what the mainstream and the major’s are trying to force feed us.”

With the ‘face’ of hip-hop culture changing the site says: “Hip-Hop is changing, but the faces seem to be the same. True Hip-Hop is being lost to the corporations and it is becoming a money game, and the messages that we need to be hearing are censored and denied to be put on wax.”

“Most of us know that the ‘underground’ hip-hop music is a lot ‘fresher’ than much of the major stuff out now. We hope to provide a place to give exposure to not only hip-hop and rap artists but also spoken word artist”; “Remember that there is more music out there than what we are being sold by the majors and with stiff competition, the artists who are signed to the majors will have to step up their game to keep up with what most of us already know is out here”. the site admin. adds.

If you can contribute or have news to share feel free to contact them.

If you are a independent artist who needs help with promotion; press release help, graphic's help and other services are offered.

Please visit and if you are an artist, and wish to have your information featured: Email all information and news to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is a part of; an on-line Tupac Shakur based Hip-Hop, Rap and Struggle News Site. Not an average hip-hop news site, covers news in the hip-hop culture that affects the real people of hip-hop and tries to inform visitors of the more important things going on in areas that have an effect on the hip-hop community, as well as daily rap and hip-hop news updated thru out the day. Pleae check them out -