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Saturday, 10 September 2005 07:14 and their network partner Thug Life recently affiliated with Chicano Radio Network to provide them with our latest in hip-hop, rap, and urban struggle news. They are one of the best sources for not only Latino Hip-Hop, rap and R&B, but also for many great unsigned artists and underground hip-hop artists of all nationalities. This new unselfish campaign of theirs shows why we are so proud to be affiliated with them. Please support and take advantage of this unique opportunity be extended to us by them.

The Chicano Radio Network is extending a unique invitation to the hip hop community and to the entire community as a whole. A unique unselfish opportunity to help aid the survivors of Katrina and to gain free advertising for your artist or business.

The Chicano Radio Network, the original radio stations bringing you the best in Latin music since 1995, are most widely known as a source for today’s hip-hop, rap, and R&B from underground and unsigned artists.

“We at CRN were deeply touched by the losses endured by the good people of New Orleans and surrounding communities. Till the end of November we will be donating all of the proceeds for advertising to the relief efforts,” said Frank Miranda CRN Live owner.

If you are a current advertiser of the Chicano Radio Network or are thinking of advertising on CRN between now and November, please visit the “Network for Good” web site - .

Select a charitable organization from the list. Make your donation to that organization (Min: $100.00) then fax a copy of your donation receipt to (815) 352-3883 or mail to the address below and Chicano Radio Network will run commercial spots in the amount of your donation.

The receipt for your donation from your chosen charity will serve as a tax write off making your donation work for you two fold.

If you need additional information feel free to call the Chicano Radio Network at (866) 887-3405. Thank you in advance for your donations and generosity.

Chicano Radio Network (Advertising)
P.O. Box 8776
Mesa, Arizona 85214-8776
Phone (480) 636-8853 Fax (815) 352-3883

Please visit Chicano Radio Network at