Artists Need Web Sites Print
Written by Site Admin. ID1350   
Wednesday, 11 May 2005 06:58

An artist web site is an important marketing tool. A web site can be used to promote the artist, his or her current releases and shows and to provide background on them selves to those interested in them.

It also can be a contact point where interested parties and fans can get in contact with an artist.

We have more than one site on our little network. It is growing and expanding everyday. We have had our share of ‘growing up’ to do and thru help of dear friends (they know who they are) and my mentor (and he knows who he is), I have grown in knowledge a little and have found out a lot about having a web site and promoting it.

The key rests in the host you pick for your site. There are many hosting plans and many service providers.

Some that say they are free , are not really free – so watch out for that. Our ‘free site’, when we first started out, cost us dearly; not only in money but in wasted time and downtime as well. We ended up promoting them more then we did ourselves. And the sad part was they did not care cause to them it was all about the money.

When you pick a provider and a host you want to know your site is going to be up and that the people behind the scenes are easy to get at if something should go wrong.

No provider can say they will be up 100% of the time. Things beyond their control and periodic maintenance are factors – but there are some really dependable host sites out there.

The one we use and are very happy with is Host Excellence. We have had no problems since we switched to them. We only wish we found them earlier on.

They have different plans to fit everybody’s needs. They are affordable, reliability and customer care is top notch. You can get a hold of them for anything; and you don’t have to wait days.

If you are looking for quality and reliability for your money please check them out. Use this link  HERE  so they know we sent you.

Check them out . We did and we are very pleased with them and plan to be with them for the long haul.