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Written by Westside ID178   
Friday, 24 September 2004 11:47


Since there has been rap, there has been those opposed to it.

Not accepted as a true art form by many, it has attracted it’s share of haters and some real fanatics.

One of the biggest ‘haters’ to go against rap music especially gangsta rap; in a very public way was and is C. DeLores Tucker. She has gained the nickname of ‘C Deplorable’.

Her undertaking of her ‘campaign’ against rap and gangsta rap is seen by many as just a way for her to get into the music business.

She at one point wanted to have control over some companies releases.

Many just write her off as a fanatic out for personal gain.

There are many other haters of rap to.

Some of them will be listed here.

One ironic thing is MTV, one of the ‘people involved ‘ with the Tupac Resurrection movie. They have ‘banned’ Chuck D and Public Enemy in the past. And they very seldom play any west coast video’s on their station. You may see a Tupac video once in awhile, but mostly they are considered west coast haters by us on the streets. The Boo Yaa Tribe had a video ‘banned’ recently by them, and as far as any Death Row artist having video’s on there- well that seems to be unheard of. So maybe you can consider MTV a ‘hater’ to, unless there is ‘pay to play’ money involved. But they are not the only one who employs that practice. It seems to be rampant in the industry now, just ask any indi artist.