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Urban Culture News
Urban Culture News
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# Article Title Date Author Hits
101 J Phoenix Barack Video Hip Hop Page Soul Power 10/08/08 Westside ID4523 624
102 Legendary Hip Hop Insider Binky Mack Joins ThugLifeArmycom Staff 10/08/08 Robert/Binky Mack ID4522 856
103 Hip Hop Reacts to the Loss of Producer Johnny J 10/08/08 Robert ID4521 1729
104 Hip Hop Caucus Registers More Than 30K Voters 10/06/08 Robert ID4520 1271
105 Famed Tupac Hip Hop Producer Johnny "J" Commits Suicide 10/04/08 Robert ID4519 2209
106 Hip Hop MC's Encourage Voting 10/03/08 Westside ID4518 572
107 Stop Police Taser Abuse Press Conference Today 09/02/08 Paradise Gray ID4516 505
108 Hip Hop MC Fat Joe Urges Latino Black Americans to Vote Obama 09/01/08 Robert ID4515 600
109 Hip Hop's Queen Latifah to Adopt 09/01/08 Robert ID4514 435
110 Former Black Panther Bashir Hameed Passes Away 08/31/08 Robert ID4513 1371
111 Hip Hop Luminary Chuck D Narrates 'Quilombo Country 08/28/08 Robert ID4511 1268
112 Hip Hop Mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight Posts Bail 08/28/08 Robert ID4510 574
113 Young Lords 40th Rally Black Panther Young Lords Photo Exhibit 08/26/08 Robert ID4508 1122
114 Hip Hop Label Judgment Leads Lydia Harris Back to Court 08/26/08 Robert ID4507 665
115 A Call for Black Unity Action During The Presidential Election Period Beyond 08/26/08 Paradise Gray / One Hood ID4506 365
116 Hip Hop Notable Rick Ross Rick Ross Charities News 08/25/08 Robert ID4504 1323
117 Godfather of Hip Hop Damien Matthias Directs Urban Musical 08/24/08 Robert ID4501 916
118 Hip Hop Founder Kool Herc to be on HIPHOP Word Radio Show 08/18/08 Robert ID4498 1201
119 Controversial Hip Hop MC NYOIL Has His Say on BBC LIVE 08/17/08 Robert ID4496 799
120 Can Hip Hop Improve the Way We Date By Jeff Carroll 08/16/08 Jeff Carroll ID4493 851
121 Alzheimer's Disease Projected to Increase 600 Among Latinos by 2050 08/16/08 Robert ID4492 1387
122 Hip Hop The Voice of Youth Social Activism 08/16/08 Ashahed M. Muhammad ID4491 892
123 Hip Hop Politics Joins Conservative Hitlist by Bakari Kitwana 08/13/08 Bakari Kitwana ID4489 679
124 To Remember and Honor Churne Lloyd Jr Brother by Mutulu Shakur 08/13/08 Mutulu Shakur ID4488 530
125 Growing Up Hip Hop a Poetry Collection by Kahlil Almustafa 08/12/08 Robert ID4486 1069
126 Politically Potent Hip Hop MC Paris Drops Acid Reflex 9908 08/12/08 Robert ID4485 496
127 Davey D Responds Is Hip Hop Mentally Challenged Music 08/11/08 Davey D ID4484 1287
128 Hip Hop Takes Their Concerns to the Nation's Streets 08/11/08 Robert ID4483 620
129 National African Religion Congress Conference Aug 21 - 24th 08/11/08 Robert ID4482 1169
130 Black August Largest Annual Hip Hop Benefit Concert Aug 31st 08/11/08 Robert ID4480 498
131 Black August Largest Annual Hip Hop Benefit Concert Aug 31st 08/10/08 Robert ID4478 1139
132 A Message to the Hip Hop Grassroots 08/09/08 Davey D ID4477 988
133 2008 Hip Hop Leaders World Conference for Peace at UCLA 08/08/08 Robert ID4475 1354
134 15 Yrs for Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant 08/07/08 Robert ID4473 887
135 Hip Hop Legend Ice Cube Announces a Free Show for Fans in DC 08/07/08 Robert ID4472 1215
136 The Role Hip Hop Organizations and Groups Play in Politics 08/06/08 Davey D ID4471 691
137 Hip Hop MC Plies 'Somebody Loves You' Scholarship Fund 08/05/08 Robert ID4470 1864
138 Internet Gangsterism Hip-Hop's New Millennium Drive-By 08/05/08 Khalil Amani ID4469 706
139 International Association for Hip Hop Education Conference in DC 08/04/08 Robert ID4466 397
140 Another Allegation Against Hip Hop Mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight 08/02/08 Robert ID4465 678
141 Hip Hop Call to Action by KRS One and The Million DJ March 07/31/08 Robert ID4464 457
142 From Boss to Da Boss Why Do Rappers Gotta Front By Davey D 07/31/08 Davey D ID4463 1134
143 Hip Hop Group Kidz In The Hall Member Beaten By Security After Show 07/30/08 Robert ID4462 1073
144 Hip Hop Divas Sued Over Book Deals 07/30/08 Patricia Hurtado / Bloomberg.com ID4461 1201
145 The National Hip Hop Political Convention w Troy Nkrumah 07/30/08 Breakdown FM w/Davey D ID4460 305
146 Exploring Historic Links of Hip Hop and Gang Culture 07/30/08 Davey D ID4459 777
147 A Call for Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap Artists to Be More Positive 07/28/08 Robert ID4458 445
148 Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Return to National TV Fall '08 07/27/08 Robert ID4457 1547
149 Hip Hop MC FAME to Address His 'We All Nigga's' Track 07/25/08 Robert ID4456 1584
150 Hip Hop Grows Up 07/25/08 Robert ID4455 867
151 Conscious Hip Hop MC FAME Addresses His 'We All Nigga's' Track 07/25/08 Robert ID4454 1203
152 BlackElectoratecom Launches Black-Owned Bank Initiative Website 07/24/08 Robert ID4453 634
153 J Phoenix To Drop Hip Hop Soul Single 'For The People' 7-29 07/22/08 Robert ID4450 1053
154 Underground Rock Hip Hop Festival The Strange Noize Tour 07/22/08 Robert ID4449 799
155 Latin Music Series Coming from PBS in January 07/21/08 Robert ID4447 481
156 Hip Hop Culture Book Explores Chicano Rap 07/20/08 Robert ID4446 1711
157 Hip Hop Activist VP Candidate Rosa Clemente 'LIVE' Sunday 07/19/08 Robert ID4443 643
158 Hip Hop MC NYOIL Releases 'Hip Hop Ya Don't Stop' Video 07/15/08 Robert ID4437 555
159 Hip Hop Artifacts Go on Display in Cleveland 07/14/08 Robert ID4435 980
160 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Displays Hip Hop Artifacts 07/14/08 Robert ID4434 775
161 Stop the 'Schoolhouse to Jail House' Pipeline Campaign 07/12/08 Malaika Kambon ID4432 823
162 Solidarity Summer Festival to Free The Black Riders 3 in LA 07/11/08 Nadia Shakur ID4431 623
163 Harlem Born Hip Hop MC Immortal Technique Hits the Road 07/11/08 Robert ID4430 1099
164 Special Radio Program to Address Hip Hop and the Defacing of Tupac 2Pac Statue 07/10/08 Robert ID4429 1650
165 Legal Update on Mumia Abu-Jamal 07/09/08 Paradise Gray ID4428 737
166 Hip Hop Activist Accepts VP Bid for McKinney's Green Party Bid 07/09/08 Davey D ID4427 883
167 Hip Hop MC NY OIL Sounds Off on Ice T Soulja Boy Beef 07/06/08 Robert ID4423 751
168 Listen to HIP HOP WORD radio show tonight - Hosted by Tehuti 07/01/08 Robert ID4422 535
169 Pitchfork Fest Revisits Classic Hip Hop Album from Public Enemy 07/01/08 Robert ID4420 993
170 'Africa Rising' Festival Friday August 1 To Raise Awareness For African Issues 07/01/08 Robert ID4419 758
171 Pastors for Peace to Challenge US Blockade of Cuba 06/30/08 Paradise Gray ID4416 722
172 Third Annual VH1 Soul Summer Of Soul in New Orleans 06/30/08 Robert ID4415 803
173 Online Hip Hop Under Attack - SOHH Statement 06/27/08 Felicia Palmer ID4414 972
174 2008 National Hip Hop Political Convention Aug 1-3 in Las Vegas 06/25/08 Westside ID4413 953
175 Hip Hop Notables NYOIL and Chuck D Drop 'Soldier' Single 06/24/08 NYOIL ID4411 540
176 VH1 Salute to Hip Hop Pioneers 06/23/08 Robert ID4409 774
177 Urban Novel Fuses Hip Hop and Civil Rights - 'SnitchCraft 06/22/08 Robert ID4408 1194
178 Afeni Shakur-Davis 2008 Mentoring Conference 'Finding our Wings 06/20/08 Robert ID4404 662
179 Hip Hop MC Political Activist Immortal Technique Drops New Album 06/20/08 Robert ID4403 1277
180 Female Hip Hop and Soul Duo God-des and She Ready to Stand Up 06/20/08 Robert ID4402 1126
181 Controversial Hip Hop MC NYOIL Takes Issue with BET 06/20/08 Robert ID4401 866
182 National Hip Hop Political Convention 2008 06/19/08 Robert ID4400 565
183 Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem Presents Rapathon 3 The Female Takeover 06/19/08 Robert ID4399 1078
184 7th Annual Hip Hop Congress Conference 06/19/08 Robert ID4398 610
185 Researcher Cites Negative Influences of Hip Hop - The Response 06/19/08 Natalie L. Ozeas ID4397 1466
186 Toronto SWAT Raids Hip Hop Artist Kama StudioHome 06/19/08 Ann Brown ID4396 920
187 Hip Hop Rap Legend Sadat X Inks Deal with Affluent Records 06/18/08 Robert ID4395 974
188 Brooklyn Hip hop Family Day July 12th 06/18/08 Robert ID4394 394
189 Hip Hop Notables Among 'Don't Judge MeEmpower Me' Tour 06/18/08 Davey D ID4393 1350
190 HIP HOP VS AMERICA II WHERE DID THE LOVE GO 06/17/08 Westside ID4392 562
191 First Annual Reggae Summer Fest Sept 7th 06/17/08 Robert ID4391 786
192 Why the Conscious Hip Hop community needs a DJ Khaled By Jasiri X 06/14/08 Jasiri X ID4388 1003
193 Hip Hop Was 'Dead' - July 15th it will be 'Untitled 06/10/08 Robert ID4386 1206
194 Hip Hop Association Partners with Third World Newsreel 05/30/08 Robert ID4384 1022
195 Rap COINTELPRO Subverting the power of Hip Hop 05/28/08 Ashahed Muhammad ID4382 1057
196 Hip Hop Legend Chuck D's Terrordome 05/28/08 Chuck D ID4381 620
197 Rap Hip Hop CEO Launches Social Activism Clothing Line 05/27/08 Robert ID4380 1814
198 Match Up Two of Hip Hop's Best KRS vs Jay-Z 05/27/08 Davey D ID4379 861
199 How Hip-Hop Parliament is Giving Youth IN SLUMS of Kenyan a Voice 05/27/08 Brian Ngugi ID4378 287
200 Hip Hop Legend Marley Marl Re-Launches Online Future Flavas Radio 05/26/08 Robert ID4376 1394
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Urban Culture News

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