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Tupac's Court Documents 'Danamora Agreement
'Danamora Agreement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Site Staff ID604   
Wednesday, 22 December 2004 08:07

"Danamora Agreement“

Sept. 15,1995

Suge Knight is to be my manager for all music endorsers for a period of three years. Suge will cause a contract to be entered into by and between Tupac Shakur and Death Row records which will include the following deal points:

Album One:

1.  To be released in 1995. Album to consist of already recorded material to by remitted by Dr. Dre. Snoop Doggy Dog shall make a guest appearance. 

2.  Tupac shall receive the following advances: 

 a.  One million upon execution of documents.

 b.  125,000.00 for purchase of car.

 c.  120,000.00 expense allowance for 12 months.

 d.  250,000.00 legal fund to be spent through Oagletree at the direction of Tupac.

 e.  Death Row shall secure the services of David Kenner to handle Tupac's Los Angeles cases. 

3.  Tupac shall receive 18 points with one point bump at gold and platinum.

Album Two

1.  18 points - 1 point bump at gold and platinum. 

2.  1 million advance call in for every million records sold on album one.

Album Three


1.  18 points - 1 point bump at gold and platinum. 

2.  (not legible) every million records sold on album two.

Dated: September 16, 1995 /s/ Tupac Shakur

Dated: September 15, 1995 /s/ Suge Knight 

On September 16, 1995, Knight and Kenner presented Tupac with a handwritten agreement which Tupac and Knight then signed while in prison (the "Danamora Agreement"). 

 Among other things, the Danamora Agreement provided:


a. Subject to written contracts, Tupac designated Kenner as his attorney and Knight as his manager.

 b. As manager of Tupac, Knight was to cause a contract to be drawn up between Tupac and Death Row (the company which Knight owned and controlled);

 c. Tupac would record three record albums for Death Row. The first was to be based on material already recorded; the second would be released in 1996; the third would be released in 1997;

 d. Tupac would receive in advance of $1. 0 million for the first record album, in addition to $125,000 for the purchase of a car, a $120,000 expense allowance over a twelve month period, a $250,000 legal fund to be spent as Tupac desired, and the legal services of Kenner on behalf of Tupac;

 e. Tupac would be paid a royalty of 18% for sales of the first record album, plus a bonus of 1% of sales if that album sold over 500,000 copies ("Gold"), and an additional 1% of sales if that album sold over one million copies ("Platinum");

 f. For the second and third albums, Tupac would be paid an advance of no less than $1.0 million, or $1.0 million for every million copies of the prior album which was sold; and,

 g. For both the second and third record albums, Tupac would be paid a royalty of 18% of sales, plus a bonus of l% of sales if that album went Gold, and an additional 1% of sales if that album went Platinum.

Tupac's written statement to Interscope Records.

On September 16, 1995, Knight and Kenner also presented Tupac with a handwritten letter of memorandum to Interscope, which Tupac also signed, which informed Interscope that Knight was Tupac's manager, that Kenner was Tupac's attorney, and that no persons other than Knight and Kenner were authorized to represent Tupac in connection with his music and recordings

Sept. 15, 1995

To: Interscope Records

From: Tupac Shakur

Re: Authorization to Represent Tupac Shakur

This memo will confirm that Suge Knight & David Kenner are the only people authorized to represent me in connection with my music and recording. Suge Knight is my manager and David Kenner my lawyer for these purposes.

Dated: September 16, 1995 /s/ Tupac Shakur

* This is the information on ''The bail'' that was put up to get Tupac out of Danamora Prison until his appeal was heard.

The bail had three components. $850,000 was posted in the form of a corporate guarantee by Atlantic Records; $250,000 was posted by Interscope, and the balance of S300, 000 was posted in the form of a bail bond. All three components were secured by the future royalties to be earned by Tupac.

During the short period between Tupac's release from prison and his death, less than a year, Tupac recorded three full CD's and approximately 152 other tracks which have not yet been released.

Tupac's Court Documents 'Danamora Agreement

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